Finding Your Passion: Nourishing the Soul

Woman resting on a dry bag while writing after backpacking near a lake.
This is going to be a short post.  I just got back from a few days camping with wonderful friends on the shore of Lake Michigan.  This has been planned for a year.  Our group, we fondly call the Wander Woman, started the hiking/camping trips July 2018 when we did a week-long trip to South and North Manitou Islands in Lake Michigan.  My friend, Lisa, reminded me that she noticed my constant massaging during that trip.  It wouldn’t be until November of that year that I fully understood that there was something very wrong with me. 
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I’ve been planning and working towards my goal of spending the week with them.  We were to camp in Canada at Lake Superior Provincial Park. However, the border between Canada and the United States is still closed due to COVID-19. So, instead, we chose a closer state park in that we could drive to.  Not everyone who had originally planned to join us could come: some due to family commitments, one due to the death of her mom (non-virus related), some due to not feeling comfortable in doing so. 
We agreed to be logically safe and trusted that our Wander Woman cohort had been safe prior to camping.  The park was not crowded at all and so we had no issues out on the trails, at the camp, using the restrooms, or on the beach.  We chose to wear masks only inside public places (the restrooms). 
Renewed Passion:
I am so energized after these past few days.  Wonderful conversation with my friends that ignited my imagination and funny bone, as well as a few shared tears, met with empathy and love. The photos will be the rest of my description of the joy that is currently bursting in my heart.




I can’t thank my friends enough for helping me get back my courage to stay in a tent after a day of hiking and swimming.  I have gotten my courage back to do this more often with my husband. I even talked my daughter into doing a short trip with me soon.  My soul is nourished and my passion blazing again.
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Another Passion Ignited:
My blog is ONE-year old now.  I have learned a lot from doing it.  I’ve made friends from across the country and the world.  I’ve learned from other bloggers how to live well with a chronic condition as well as how to blog better.  It, too, ignites my imagination and gives me a purpose that makes me happy.
So, when I found out that I was nominated for two WEGO HEALTH Awards, I felt that this passion was also recognized by those who have watched my blog grow and those who I have hopefully helped in some way.  It’s such a wonderful, supportive group that I have found through blogging.  
If you are interested in endorsing me via the link below (just being nominated is really amazing), I humbly thank you.  In my post for the end of this next week, I will be sharing out those who have most impacted my wellness journey, so that you, too, can learn from them (and endorse their nominations for WEGO AWARDS) if you should feel led.



I appreciate this time in my life that I am able to live my life fully (filling it with purpose and passion) alongside good friends and my family despite living with Fibromyalgia. I hope that I can help you find that for yourself as well as you journey through this life. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today.  I am committing to posting once a week on Fridays.  However, as you know, my new normal means that sometimes I have to listen to my body and am not able to follow through as planned.  Thank you for your understanding.

Sharing is caring-as my granddaughter tells me:)

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14 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion: Nourishing the Soul

  • Your post makes me homesick! I grew up in MI, but have lived my adult life in TX. I would love to be outside in not 95 degree weather right now.

  • It's actually raining a bit right now. You don't get much of that in Texas. The first day there, Lake MI was green with algae! We had to wade through it a distance to get to a semi-clear spot on a sand bar. The next day however, it was totally clear and calm. Not at all shocking to dive right into which is unusual for Lake MI! Where did you grow up, Shelley?

  • I'm so glad you managed to have some fun and quality time with your lovely friends, Katie. Thank you for sharing I was happy that you were happy 🙂 As for the nominations – so well deserved as I say! Hope you win! x

  • O' isn't it so nice to meet up with friends who get your humour. I am so happy you took this time out. I know I can't wait to see my friends and feel all charged up again! 😀 …Lovely post Katie

  • Congratulations on your blog-anniversary and I am so pleased to see you renewed and found new passion <3 I hope you are keeping well xx Susie

  • I am so pleased for you that you are still able to go hiking. I'll confess, I struggle to walk half a mile without being practically unable to move the next couple of days. Beautiful scenery, I'm sure it would cause my heart to sing.

  • Such a lovely post. I am glad that you were able to go with your friends. And congratulations – a blogversary and your WEGO nominations.

  • I sure hope you have some time with your friends, soon. It was wonderful. We're all teachers (3 retired), so a lot of talking about teacher stories that I just can't do with anyone else:)

  • I'm so sorry that it's so hard for you to get around, Susan. I know that I am VERY fortunate. That is what makes this even more special. You were one of the first people living with FMS that I followed online. I've gotten so much encouragement from you in my darkest times. Thank you so much!

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