Using the Force to Further Fibromyalgia Advocacy

As you probably have guessed, I am not a trained medical health professional. What I am is a mom, a mimi, a retired teacher, a lover of nature and of music, as well as, someone living with chronic illnesses. I share my journey to provide some insight and hopefully ideas that may be helpful to others dealing with similar issues. Always, consult with your doctor before trying anything new.

Fibromyalgia Impact Tour Interview with Melissa Talwar

Today I had the wonderful experience of talking with Melissa Talwar of Support Fibromyalgia Network. She’s an inspiration in that she is relentlessly connecting Fibromyalgia Advocates to bring better understanding and better living with FM.

I was pretty nervous. Minutes before this, I realized the outlet that I had my charge cord plugged into was not powering my laptop, meaning it would shut down midway through our talk. Once I finagled the cord to the other plug by ripping it out of the cord ties I had it in, I clicked on the link with only a few minutes to show time (at 1pm EST). However, the link said my video and microphone wasn’t hooked up. Luckily, it dawned on me that to practice, I had used my computer camera, so turning it off allowed them to connect our video conference link. Whew!

Photo of my inner forearm laying on my computer keyboard, white coffee cup behind it.  On my forearm is an outline of a lotus flower done in purple and teal colored lines and dots.

May the 4th Be With Us

Melissa made me feel at ease right away and I got totally into our talk. Her opening comment about May 4th and the force brought a smile to my face. I am passionate in sharing my journey and what I’ve learned. Melissa reinforced that it’s important that we do this. I can’t wait for 5/11/2021 when I get to talk to a state representative via Zoom to advocate for awareness and changes at the government level; this is organized my Melissa and her organization. I’ll keep Padme in mind as I share my story.

The video is 46 minutes in length. We cover a lot in that time, but for me the time flew. Then, after, Melissa and I talked for another hour. Feeling invigorated by the connection and renewal in my purpose. Thank you, Melissa.

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teal line drawn waterlily with teal lettering of the title and motto

teal line drawn waterlily with teal lettering of the title and motto

2 thoughts on “Using the Force to Further Fibromyalgia Advocacy

  • May 5, 2021 at 2:23 am

    Time does fly by when you’re online, especially when you’re chatting with Melissa. She’s so easy to talk to! Great job, Katie! I’m happy for you and hurray! Your first live interview is behind you. Clearly the fourth WAS with you!

  • May 8, 2021 at 10:12 am

    Amazing how much awareness and advocacy you are doing lately Katie! I think I would be so nervous about doing a live interview too 🙂


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